Stedsans in the Woods is a retreat in Halland, Sweden with an off the grid restaurant in the forest by the lake and a permaculture farm.

It’s simple, but beautiful – and you sit in an amazing, natural forest.

It’s totally off the grid. Water comes from the lake, we cook with fire, an insulated container with 3 1-tons tanks full of frozen water from the winter serves as a refrigerated room in the summer. 

The food is clean and extremely vital – almost everything is harvested hours or minutes before serving. A lot has grown within 100 meters from the restaurant in our gardens or in the forest. The rest (except for the obvious such as kakao, salt, coffee and wine) comes from within 70 km.


We serve the best ingredients that the day offers i.e. we can’t tell what’s on the menu in advance. We serve the food family style by our 2 community tables. It’s intimate, friendly and relaxed. And you will most likely meet some other nice and interesting people.